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Our Purpose

Having deep knowledge and day-to-day experience we understand there is huge a gap in the actual Albanian healthcare system, also the local Health agency has a low impact on society and not able to implement any of the international standards and requirements. This can be easily recognized from the actual situation in various health centers, clinics, and hospitals. 

There is no funding at all from the local authority, health ministry, and local agencies to educate, support, and advise health professionals and the broad public on the usage of medicinal. 

Therefore we aim to fulfill this gap and provide support not only to health professionals, local institutions but also to support the local population by continuous advice on the usage, side effects, and international standards for various medicals. 

For this, we would need your support and collaboration. The target would be to educate the local population and create a mentality of mutual trust in our support and contribution; this would benefit also future generations and raise awareness among individuals and institutions. 

Our Goal

Our purpose is to give information to people in our region that will help them make healthy decisions for themselves and their families and proposing alternative solutions to the local authorities. 

To achieve our goal, we need to collect as much data as possible in order to have a clearer view of the situation. This data will be presented to doctors and health institutions and we will be working together for possible solutions but the most important goal is the raising of awareness of the risk of excessive antibiotic use through the community.   

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Feel free to contact us about anything you’re concerned about, any help you may need. We are also open to collaborations that comply with our goals.

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